Resume - sheila white

COSTUME DESIGN FOR Film and Television

The 100
TV Series, The CW Network/Warner Bros. Television 2018
Production Manager, Show Runners Aren Ophoff, Jae Marchant, Jason Rothenberg
Directors: Various
Talent: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, J.R. Bourne

The Trustee
TV Pilot, Warner Brothers Television/Brownstone Productions for ABC, 2017
Production Manager Line Producer: Aren Ophoff/Jae Marchant
Director: Michael Engler
Talent: Meaghan Rath, Michael Cudlitz, Laverne Cox

The History Channel/A and E, 2017
Production Manager/Line Producer: Patti Allen / George Perkins
Director: Various
Talent: Walton Goggins,Olivia Munn, Barry Sloane

Woody Woodpecker
Feature Film, NBC/Universal, 2016
Production Manager/Line Producer: Chris Foss
Director: Alex Zamm
Talent: Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala

Imaginary Mary
TV Series, Happy Madison Productions/Sony Pictures Television for ABC Studio, 2016
Production Manager/Line Producer: Alexia Droig/Ron French
Director: Shawn Levy/Various
Talent: Jenna Elfman, Stephen Schneider, Rachel Dratch

Feature Film, Airbud Pictures for Netflix, Fox, 2015
Production Manager: Matt Drake
Director: Robert Vince
Talent: David DeLuise, Jed Rees

Monkey Up
Feature Fox/NetFlix, 2015
Production Manager: Darcy Wild
Director Robert Vince
Talent  Crystal, John Ratzenberger, Jonathan Mangum

The Confirmation
Feature, 2014
Production Manager: Jim O-Grady
Director: Bob Nelson
Talent: Clive Owen, Jaeden Lieberher, Tim Blake Nelson, Patton Oswalt, Matthew Modine, Robert Forster

Pilot, ABC/Disney, 2014
Production Manager: Colleen Mitchell
Director: Martin Campbell
Talent: Morena Baccarin, Greg Grunberg, Eloise Mumford, Don Hany, Courtney B. Vance, Steve Kazee

Russell Mania
Movie, Fox/NetFlix, 2014
Production Manager: Darcy Wild
Director: Robert Vince
Talent: John Ratzenburger, Fred Willard, Charlie Robinson, Mason Vale Cotton

Maple Bay Lodge
Series, ARD/Bayern Rundfunk, 2014
Production Manager/Line Producer: Ian Hay
Director: Michael Wenning
Talent: Richard Gweisdek, Robert Seeliger, Katja Weitzenbeck

Arctic Air
Series, Omni for CBC, 2013
Production Manager: Chris Rudolph
Director: Various
Talent: Adam Beach, Pascal Hutton 

The Christmas Ornament
Front Street Pictures for Hallmark Channel, 2013
Production Manager: Chris Rudolph
Director: Mark Jean
Talent: Cameron Mathison, Kellie Martin 

Arctic Air
Series, Omni for CBC, 2012
Production Manager: Chris Rudolph
Director: Various
Talent: Adam Beach, Pascal Hutton, Kevin McNulty, Steven Lobo

Arctic Air
Series, Omni for CBC, 2011
Production Manager: Simon Richardson
Director: Various
Talent: Adam Beach, Pascal Hutton, Kevin McNulty, Steven Lobo

Vancouver 2010 Paralympics
Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Patrick Roberge Productions, 2010
Manager of Production: Nik von Schulmann
Director: Patrick Roberge

The King of Fighters
Feature, Double Edge Entertainment, 2008
Production Manager: Simon Abbott
Director: Gordon Chan
Talent: Sean Faris, Maggie Q, Ray Park, Will Yun Lee

Pilot, Brightlites for Fox/Lifetime, 2008
Production Manager: Dan Clarke
Director: Sergio Gezzan
Talent: Holly Marie Combs, Christopher Cousins, Brooke Burns, Niall Matter

The Stan Douglas Project
Large Scale Art Installation, Grasstown Productions, 2008
Producer: Arvi Liimatainen
Director: Stan Douglas

Drum Song
Presentation Video and Opening Ceremonies, 2008
Canada House for Beijing Olympics
Director: Sal Ferarras

Multi-Platform Interactive Website Tie-In, 2008
Neotronic Arts

Series, Haddock Productions for CBC, 2007
Production Manager: Charles Lyall
Director: Various
Talent: Ian Tracey, Klea Scott, Matt Frewer

Pure Evil
Pilot, Black Cat Productions for Showcase, 2007
Production Manager Sean Seguin
Director: Mark Sawers
Talent: Rick Roberts, Geri Hall

The Quality of Life, A Davinci TV movie
MOW, Haddock Productions for CBC, 2007
Production Manager Charles Lyall
Director: John Fawcett
Talent: Nicholas Campbell

Series, Haddock Productions for CBC, 2006
Production Manager Charles Lyall
Director: Various
Talent: Ian Tracey, Klea Scott, Matt Frewer

American Venus
Feature, Bright Lights Pictures, 2005
Production Manager Paul Lukaitis
Director: Bruce Sweeney
Talent: Rebecca Demornay, Matt Craven

Da Vinci’s City Hall
Series, Haddock Productions for CBC, 2005
Production Manager Bev White
Director: Various
Talent: Nicholas Campbell, Ian Tracey, Ben Ratner

MOW, Haddock Productions for CBC, 2005
Production Manager Michael Williams
Director: Stephen Surjik
Talent: Ian Tracey, Klea Scott, Matt Frewer

Douglas Copeland’s Everything’s Gone Green
Feature, True West Films, 2005
Production Manager Ken Lawson
Director: Paul Fox
Talent: Paulo Constanza, Stephanie Song, J.R. Bourne

Criminal Intent
MOW, Ambitious Film Productions for Life Network, 2005
Production Manager Andrew Ferns
Director: Jorge Erstwhiler
Talent: Vanessa Angel, Sebastian Spence, Linda Purl

The Score
MOW, Screen Sirens for CBC, 2004
Production Manager Holly Redford
Director: Kim Collier
Talent: Jane Perry, Jonathon Young

Feature, Vega Productions, 2004
Producer: Gilles LaPlante
Director: Matt Hastings
Talent: Michael Ironside, Peter Deluise, Joe Lando

Love on the Side (Deluxe Combo Platter)
Feature, Sepia Films, 2003
Production Manager Kathy Ferry/Patti Allen
Director: Vic Sarin
Talent: Jennifer Tilly, Dave Thomas, Marla Sokoloff

Series, Jeremiah Prod. Inc. for MGM/Showtime, 2002
Production Manager Lily Hui
Director: Various
Talent: Luke Perry, Peter Stebbings, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Sean Astin

The L Word
Pilot, Dufferin Gate for Showtime, 2002
Production Manager Kim Steer
Director: Rose Troche
Talent: Pam Grier, Jennifer Beals, Scott Bairstow, Mia Kurschner

Series, Jeremiah Prod. Inc. for MGM/Showtime, 2001
Production Manager Lily Hui
Director: Various
Talent: Luke Perry, Peter Stebbings, Malcolm Jamal Warner

Jinnah on Crime
MOW, Force Four Productions for the .BC, 2001
Production Manager Chris Rudolph
Director: Brad Turner
Talent: Darinder, Janet Wright, Pamela Sinha

Maybe It’s Me
Pilot, Adopted Films Inc. / WB Network, 2001
Production Manager Maryanne Waterhouse
Director: Bryan Gordon
Talent: Fred Willard, Julia Sweeney

Beyond Belief
Series, Dogwood Pictures for Dick Clark / Fox TV, 2000
Production Manager Brendan Ferguson
Director: Various
Host: Jonathon Frakes

Suspicious River
Feature, Okulitch-Pederson Company, 1999
Production Manager Louise Valgarsun
Director: Lynn Stopkewich
Talent: Molly Parker, Callum Keith Rennie

Head Over Heels
Feature, Robert Symonds/Universal, 1999
Production Manager Anne Simonet
Director: Mark Waters
Talent: Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Jr.

We All Fall Down
Feature, Road Cone Prod., 1999
Production Manager Jim Rowe / Brendan Ferguson
Director: Martin Cummins
Talent: Barry Pepper, Ryan Reynolds Martin Cummins, Helen Shaver

Just Candy
Indie, Whitlock World Prod. Inc., 1999
Director: Brad Whitlock
Talent: Brandy Ledford, Martin Cummins

Megan and the Ghosts
Documentary, Force Four Productions, 1999
Director: Brad Whitlock

Terminal City Ricochet
Feature, E. Motion Films, 1990
Production Manager: Dan Howard
Director: Zale Dallen

Feature, D. Slayer Productions, 1988
Production Manager Patti Allen
Director: Richard Martin
Talent: William Davis, Gillian Barber

Costume Design for Theatre

The 39 Steps Circle Bright Productions, Sarah Rodgers, 2019

The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe Pacific Theatre, Sarah Rodgers, 2018

The Skin of Our Teeth Langara Studio 58, Sarah Rodgers, 2018

Dead Man Walking Vancouver Opera Association/Minnesota Opera, Joel Ivaney, 2017

The Rivals Blackbird Theatre, Johnna Wright, 2016

A Christmas Story Arts Club Theatre, Valerie Easton, 2015

Dressing For A Wedding Solo Collective, Sarah Rodgers, 2015

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Arts Club Theatre, Rachel Ditor, 2015

Ariadne Auf Naxos Pacific Opera Victoria, Oriel Tomas, 2014

Cue The Memories, Arts Club Theatre, 50th Anniversary Gala Arts Club, Bill Millerd, 2014

Mary Poppins Arts Club Theatre, Bill Millerd, 2013

Dream Girls Arts Club Theatre, Bill Millerd, 2013

Noises Off Western Canada Theatre, Daryl Cloran, 2012

Henry VI - War of the Roses Bard on the Beach, Christopher Weddell, 2011

Richard III Bard on the Beach, Kathryn Shaw, 2011

Don Quixote Arts Club Theatre/Centaur Theatre, Roy Surette, 2010

Brief Encounter Vancouver Playhouse, Max Reimer, 2010

Falstaff Bard on the Beach, Glynis Leyshon, 2010

Henry V Bard on the Beach, Meg Roe, 2010

Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Vancouver 2010 Paralympics Patrick Roberge Productions, Patrick Roberge, 2010

After The Quake Pi Theatre/Rumble Productions, Craig Hall/Richard Wolfe, 2009

Black Comedy Arts Club Theatre, Dean Paul Gibson, 2009

A Marriage Proposal Arts Club Theatre, Dean Paul Gibson, 2009

The Miracle Worker Vancouver Playhouse, Meg Roe, 2009

White Christmas Arts Club Theatre, Bill Millerd, 2009

Life Savers Ruby Slippers, Diane Brown, 2009

Top Girls Vancouver Playhouse, Glynis Leyshon, 2009

The Altar Boyz Arts Club Theatre, Bill Millerd, 2009

Homechild Arts Club Theatre, Jane Heyman, 2009

The December Man Greenthumb Theatre, Patrick McDonald, 2009

Ash Girl Capilano University, Stephen Atkins, 2008

History Boys Arts Club Theatre, Dean Paul Gibson, 2008

Influence Touchstone Theatre, Katrina Dunn, 2008

True West Vancouver Playhouse, Dean Paul Gibson, 2008

The Boyfriend Langara College/Studio 58, Dean Paul Gibson, 2008

The Violet Hour Belfry Theatre, Roy Surette, 2008

Pink Sugar Solo Collective, Katrina Dunn, 2008

How It Works Touchstone Theatre, Katrina Dunn, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy The Pacific Theatre, Sarah Rodgers, 2007

Company Arts Club Theatre, Bill Millerd, 2007

Trout Stanley Ruby Slippers, Diane Brown, 2007

Diplomacy Western Theatre Conspiracy, Richard Woolf, 2006

A Christmas Story Arts Club Theatre, Katrina Dunn, 2006

The Leisure Society Ruby Slippers, Diane Brown, 2006

The Invalids Pi Theatre, Del Surjik, 2006

Driftwood Axis Theatre, Wayne Specht, 2006

Landscapes of the Dead Solo Collective, Johnna Wright, 2006

Six Miniature Tragedies Langara College/Studio 58, Jean Paul Wenzel, 2006

The Elephant Man The Pacific Theatre, Sarah Rodgers, 2005

The Waiting Room Ruby Slippers/Studio 58, Diane Brown, 2005

Dear Santa Western Canada Theatre Company, Janet Michael, 2004

The Caucasion Chalk Circle Studio 58/Langara, Katrina Dunn, 2003

The Creation Studio 58/Langara, Kim Collier, 2001

Be Still Gateway/Belfry, Stephanie Kirkland, 2001

Casanova Telus Theatre UBC, Greg Barry, 2000

Life Without Instruction Freddy WoodTheatre/UBC, Bob Metcalfe, 1999

Babies Studio 58/Langara, Stephanie Kirkland, 1999

All Grown Up Belfry Theatre, Robert McQueen, 1999

Ingenious Speculations Belfry Theatre, Roy Surette, 1998

Lysistrata Langara/Studio 58, Bob Metcalfe, 1998

Death of a Salesman Richmond Gateway Productions, Kathryn Shaw, 1997

It’s Snowing on Saltspring Nanaimo Theatre Festival, Michael McLaughlin, 1996

Landscape of the Body Languara/Studio 58, Roy Surette, 1996

Disposing of the Dead Axis/Pink Ink, Sandano Schultz/WayneSpecht, 1996

Keeper of the Light Richmond Gateway, Roy Surette, 1996

Barefoot in the Park English Theatre of Hamburg, Clifford Dean, 1995

Corpse! English Theatre of Hamburg, Clifford Dean, 1995

Absent Friends English Theatre of Hamburg, Bob Rumpf, 1995

Arms and the Man English Theatre of Hamburg, Clifford Dean, 1995

The Price English Theatre of Hamburg, Bob Rumpf, 1995

Blithe Spirit English Theatre of Hamburg, Clifford Dean, 1994

Death Trap English Theatre of Hamburg, Bob Rumpf, 1994

The Importance of Being Earnest English Theatre of Hamburg, Clifford Dean, 1994

You Ought to be in Pictures English Theatre of Hamburg, Bob Rumpf, 1993

Veronica’s Room English Theatre of Hamburg, Bob Rumpf, 1993

Same Time Next Year English Theatre of Hamburg, Clifford Dean, 1993

Six Women with Brain Death Arts Club Theatre, Jeff Hyslop, 1990

Local Colour Touchstone Theatre, Roy Surette, 1990

Lost Souls and Missing Persons Touchstone Theatre, Roy Surette, 1989

The Invisible Man Axis Mime, Wayne Specht, 1988

The Woods Remember Theatre Co-op, Jamie Norris/Jennifer Clement, 1988

The Dinosaur The New Play Center, Ray Michal, 1988

The Delphic Orioles The New Play Center, Paul Meares, 1988

The Incredible Murder of Cardinal Tosca Sunshine Theatre, Doug Riske, 1988

Fire Sunshine Theatre, Doug Riske, 1988

The Thrill of the Grass The New Play Center, Pam Hawthorne, 1988

Mr. and Mrs. MacBeth Tamanhous, Kate Weiss, 1988

Cloud Nine Langara/Studio 58, Kim Selody, 1988

Simple Folk Tamanhous, Kate Weiss, 1988

Zaydok Touchstone, Roy Surette, 1987

Stag and Hens Langara/Studio 58, Ray Michal, 1987

Cocaine The Board Game Tamanhous, Kate Weiss, 1987

Ah! Wilderness Langara/Studio 58, Pam Hawthorne, 1987

Greater Tuna Madhouse Theatre Co-op, Paul Meares, 1987

One in a Million Green Thumb Theatre, Dennis Foon, 1987

Genuine Fakes Arts Club Theatre, Roy Surette, 1987

Bodyworks Axis Mime, Wayne Specht, 1987

Brides in Space Tamanhous, Kate Weiss, 1986

Spirals Xerox Theatre - Expo ‘86, Santa Aloi, 1986

Haschishe Crying Wolf Productions, Craig Duffy, 1986

Costume Design for COMMERCIALS

Walt Disney Power House Films, 1990

Mattel/Hot Wheels Power House Films, 1990

Mattel/Skeletor Power House Films, 1990

Mattel/Sound Effects Silver Bullet Productions, 1990

Mattel/Hot Wheels Silver Bullet Productions, 1990

Hasbro/Tribes Firehouse Films, 1989

Kenner/Rat Fink Surfer Firehouse Films, 1989

Woodward’s Circle Productions, 1988

Labatts/Wild Country Circle Productions, 1988

Labatts, Call For The Blue Circle Productions, 1987

Ivar’s Seafood House Circle Productions, 1986

A&W Rootbeer/Softball Circle Productions, 1986

A&W Rootbeer/Caveman Circle Productions, 1986

Keg and Cleaver/Vikings Carnival Productions, 1985

Zephyr Lincoln Mercury Carnival Productions, 1985

Doc Harris Morning Show Carnival Productions, 1985

B.C. Central Credit Union Carnival Productions, 1985

Related Work

The Solutrean
Feature Film, Sony, Studio 8, 2015
Assistant Designer (Costume Designer: Sharen Davis)

Lewis and Clark
Mini series, HBO, 2015
Costume Supervisor

Deus Ex
Online live streaming event game launch, 2014
Costume Designer

Victoria Opera
2014/15 Season Brochure, 2014

The Secret Circle Pilot
The CW Network, 2011
Costume Co-ordinator

Alcatraz Pilot
Bad Robot/Warner Bros. for Fox, 2011
Assistant Designer

Alice (In Wonderland)
Feature, Reunion Pictures, 2009
Costume Co-ordinator

The Rev Pilot
Legacy Productions, 2004
Assistant Designer

Stargate Series
MGM, 2004
SFX Costumer

White Chicks
Feature, Gone North Prod. Inc. for Columbia Pictures, 2004

Series, U.S.A Network, 2003
Assistant Designer

Still Life
Series, Millenium Canadian Productions, 2003
Prep Costumer

Level 9
Series, Paramount, 2000
Assistant Designer

The Voyage of the Unicorn
Series, Basset Productions/Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2000
Assistant Designer

H.E. Double Hockeysticks
MOW, Wonderful World Of Disney, 1999
Truck Costumer

Abe’s Manhood
Indie House Arrest Productions, 1999
Assistant Designer

Strange World
Series, Strange World Prods. for Fox/ABC, 1998
Set Supervisor

Zenon 21st Century Girl
MOW, Disney Channel, 1998
Assistant Designer

It’s True
Pilot, PetFly Productions for Paramount, 1998
Assistant Designer

Series, Nightman Productions for Atlantis, 1998
Prep Costumer

Series, MGM, 1997
SFX Costumer

Viper II
Series, PetFly Productions for Paramount, 1997
Truck Costumer

Stargate SG1
Pilot, MGM, 1997
SFX Costumer

Dad’s Week Off
MOW, Paramount Pictures, 1996
Truck Costumer

The Sixth Man
Feature, Walt Disney Productions, 1996
Set Costumer

Angel of Pennsylvania Ave.
MOW, Hallmark Entertainment, 1996
Truck Costumer

Max Glick
Series, Max Glick Productions, 1991
Truck Costumer

Feature, Cadence Film Inc., 1989
Truck Costumer

We’re No Angels
Feature, Paramount Pictures, 1989
Set Costumer

Lies From Lotus Land
Series, CBC, 1987
Set Supervisor

The Beachcombers
Series, CBC, 1987
Prep Costumer

Red Serge Wives
Series, CBC, 1986
Prep Costumer

Royal Visit to Expo
Special, CBC, 1986
Prep Costumer

Good Rockin’ Tonight
Series, CBC, 1986
Prep Costumer

Series, CBC, 1986
Prep Costumer

My American Cousin
Feature, Okanagan Pictures, 1985
Prep Costumer


Jessie Richardson Award, Best Costume Design Small Theatre (The Rivals) 2016
Thirteen time Jessie Richardson Award nominee for Costume and/or Set Design
Jessie Richardson Award, Best Costume Design Small Theatre (Influence), 2010
Jessie Richardson Award, Best Group Design (Disposing of the Dead), 1997
Canada Council Project Grant, 1990/1991/1992
British Columbia Cultural Fund, Senior Study Award, 1990/1991/1992
Vancouver Foundation Advanced Study Award, 1990/1991/1992


Best New Designers Exhibition/England Islington Design Center, London, 1992
Best New Designers Exhibition Zeev Arams Gallery Design School Graduates Covent Garden, London, 1992
New Graduates Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, 1992


2016-2019 Langara Film Studies-Lecturer in Costume Design for Film
2014 Hatmaking Processes Workshop Arts Club Theatre/False Creek Community Centre
2014 Costume Design Illustration Arts Club Theatre /False Creek Community Centre
2014 Design Processes Arts Club Theatre /False Creek Community Centre
2014 Costume Design Illustration Vancouver Draw Down


2011 Central Saint Martins Summer Course, Hat Block Making and Textile Effects for the Theatre
1999-01 University of British Columbia Masters in Fine Art, Costume Design - First Class
1990-92 Cordwainers Tech. College B.T.E.C. Diploma in Footwear Design and Technology - Merit, London, UK
1992 City and Guilds of London Stage II National Qualification, London, UK
1991-92 John Lobb Bootmakers Apprenticeship in Handmade Shoemaking, London, UK
1984-85 University of British Columbia Qualifying Year for Master in Fine Art in Theatre Design, Vancouver, B.C.
1980-84 Emily Carr College of Art and Diploma in Photography - Honours Design, Vancouver, B.C.